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Cell technologies application is very promising direction in treatment of hepatocirrhosis patients. Traditional treatment methods don’t recover hepatic tissues injured by pathologic processes but only improve functional state of residuary hepatocytes – healthy liver cells and thus don’t solve the main problem: restoration of hepatic functional tissue structure. Our clinic offers you and your family to take advantage of cell therapy unique features and get hope for recovery and full-fledged life.

Stem cells are endowed with characteristics that allow using cell transplants for regeneration of injured hepatic tissues. On getting to the organ stem cells not only create new tissues but also can produce biologically active elements stimulating pressure of self stem cells thereby recovering hepatic cell content. Stem cells get to the area of hepatocytes dying off, substitute sick cells with healthy cells and activate restoration processes in liver.

Before stem cells transplantation the patient passes full examination in our clinic. This examination is necessary to determine individual cell dose. After that stem cells are injected. During one month after the injection biochemical blood indices considerably enhance (albumen, bilirubin, ALT, AST) and you’ll experience your organism’s state total improvement. Effectiveness of hepatocirrhosis treatment with stem cells depends on the disease stage and possible complications, however the sooner you’ll address to our clinic the more effective shall be the result. You can ask any question concerning hepatocirrhosis treatment with stem cells by filling out a simple form to the right.

Hepatocirrhosis is fatal dangerous progressing disease affecting liver. Hepatocirrhosis causes substitution of normal hepatic tissue with connective (cicatrical) tissue, dystrophy and necrosis of hepatic tissue, hepatic failure and rise of blood pressure in hepatic vein. It also deeply disturbs structure and functions of the liver and that’s why the patient becomes absolutely unprotected against toxic substances affecting the liver, gastrointestinal digestion and food intake are also disturbed. Production and preserving of essential elements like proteins, fats, carbohydrates and others considerably reduce. And if not to begin the treatment in time the liver shall completely stop functioning.

There are a number of risk factors of hepatocirrhosis appearance and development. Hepatocirrhosis is a consequence of different diseases’ complications. In the majority of cases hepatocirrhosis is caused by B and C hepatitis. This also can be toxic influence of alcohol and medicines. And although many people think that hepatocirrhosis is caused just because of alcoholism, the rate of patients suffering from hepatocirrhosis by this reason makes not more than a quarter of a total patients’ amount. Also the reason of hepatocirrhosis can be heredity that’s why people whose parents were suffering from the disease should be very attentive to their health.

Hepatocirrhosis treatment is very important problem of the modern medicine. And although not so long ago the diagnosis sounded like a sentence, with stem cells appearance hepatocirrhosis complete recovery became real.

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